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Shauna Fraser

Project Manager

As an Operations Design Strategy Consultant and Portfolio Project Manager in the fields of Law, Technology, Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Health Care, Higher Education & Innovation. Shauna continually found my greatest successes have been achieved in the areas of operations strategy design, operations management consulting, client relationship management, and portfolio management. 

Shauna has over 10 years of experience serving as an operations and project manager that successfully oversaw a variety of complex projects portfolios from conception through completion. Her credentials include progressive responsibility with documented success at various organizational levels. One of her strengths is remaining agile enough to work across many different business landscapes. She has successfully planned, managed, and delivered on successful projects for organizations across many verticals.  

Operational design strategy, project portfolio management, client & vendor relationship management are some of her key strengths. Shauna is known as a versatile contributor with experience in all core project management principles, operations strategy and high-level business and administrative functions.  

Shauna attributes much of her success has come from the reliance and utilization of observation, intuition, critical thinking, and judgement. Leveraging her innate personality strengths, she can drive, organize, motivate teams, manage risk and streamline projects, all while iteratively improving day to day operations.  Shauna’s experience has honed her mastery of top-flight consensus-building and problem-solving skills, while fine tuning her ability to make difficult decisions in high-risk business environments.

Shauna Fraser
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