Julian Martinez


35 years of experience in the justice system

28 years of hands-on experience in CA adult prison system from Correctional Officer to Associate Warden in various correction institutions

Served as the Chief of Health Care Placement Unit in the Division of Correctional Healthcare Services and as the Chief of Court Compliance in the Office of Audits and Court Compliance in CA

Since retiring from CDCR in 2014, he has provided Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) consulting services to Santa Clara County Jail, Sacramento County Jail, Shasta County Jail, Michigan Department of Corrections, Orange County Jail, and the Santa Barbara County Jail. Worked as a court appointed monitor in Federal ADA litigation cases in Shasta County Jail in California, Santa Clara County Jail in California, Orange County Jail in California, Santa Barbara County Jail in California and the Michigan Department of Corrections in the State of Michigan.

Conducted Gap Analysis of the following County Jails ADA Compliance; Santa Clara County Jail (all disabilities), Shasta County Jail (mobility disabilities), Sacramento County Jail (all disabilities), Orange County Jail (all disabilities).

Expert in security consultant services for multiple prisons in Mexico and has conducted Audits of the Office of Refugee Resettlement Programs throughout the United States.

Domain leader in providing ADA training to correctional staff in county jails and state prisons.

Conducted Use of Force review in the Santa Clara County Jail in California, and Restrictive Housing Review in the Orange County Jail in California.

Julian Martinez