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French /ˌsaˈbō/

A "sabot" is a ballistic term for a carrier that accelerates a projectile to its target. In similar fashion, our consulting engagements are targeted efforts to transfer momentum and achieve successful results for our clients.

Individually, these are powerfully valuable concepts. When combined, they set the standard of excellence you should expect from your consulting firm. At Sabot, these concepts are the cornerstone of our culture and the foundation for the way we do business.

Our philosophy of independent thinking and honest advice clearly differentiates us from other consulting firms. It is the driving force behind our commitment to provide our clients with unbiased consulting. We are unfettered by entangling alliances with technology providers. Our independence coupled with our proven methods form the basis for delivering valuable engagements with candor and competency.

We excel in providing our clients with measurable results. Contact us and we will craft your strategic direction, design and optimize your technology operations, and guide your projects to success.


Sabot Consulting’ mission is to enable our clients’ success by:

  • Providing independent and honest advice

  • Applying our professional experience, knowledge and passion

  • Gaining and constantly maintaining their highest trust


Sabot professionals extend the reach of IT executives, serving as “eyes and ears” throughout the entire complex technology environment. Our consultants also become force multipliers, increasing the effectiveness of client project teams. By partnering with our clients, Sabot can provide the deep expertise and broad capabilities necessary to align Information Technology with Business. We’re committed to maximizing the value of your IT investment.



Christopher Eaves



Darren Chiappinelli


Christopher Eaves and Darren Chiappinelli, the firm’s founders, designed Sabot with the sole purpose of being a trusted advisor to executives and managers. While working together in a global broad-based consulting firm, they experienced firsthand some of the inherent conflicts between technology delivery and true consulting.

With that in mind, Sabot’s suite of services was designed with keen attention paid to eliminating conflicts of interest. Therefore, Sabot only offers advisory, planning, analysis, oversight, and management services. Our faithfulness to this business model is how Sabot can offer independent thinking and honest advice to our clients with an unmatched level of trust.

The firm is highly selective in hiring and developing critical thinkers. Our consultants are technically proficient and highly adept in presenting and communicating to both business and IT stakeholders. Sabot is comprised of professionals with an average of 16 years of system engineering, project management, strategic planning, IT operations and a wide variety of industry experience.

Finally, our culture is one that never confuses activity with results. Our deliverables provide value and are directly actionable. Our technical depth, communications excellence, results orientation, and passion for problem solving make Sabot a truly special company and a valued partner.

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