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Business Meeting

Project Services

Sabot consultants are force-multipliers on your projects.  Our teams of project analysts, coordinators, certified project managers, and program management office executives will work with your teams and those of your vendors to ensure project success.  We also provide independent project oversight independent verification and validation services giving executives and other sponsors/stakeholders an independent view of the project’s health and recommendations to address risks.  Lastly, our specialized Subject Matter Expert consultants provide targeted domain-specific knowledge and experience as reinforcements to your own expert staff.


Project Initiation

  1. Business case

  2. Project strategy/architecture

  3. Business Process Re-engineering/Requirements Engineering

  4. Procurement Consulting/Vendor/Contract Management

Colleagues Working Together

Project Execution

  1. IV&V/Quality Assurance

  2. Project Management

  3. Organizational Change Management

Law Office

Specialized Expert Consulting

  1. Criminal Justice – see SCJ Practice

  2. ERP

  3. Workforce Management

  4. Insurance Applications

  5. Healthcare

  6. Technical Architects

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