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Strategic Services

Organizational Analysis

  1. Sabot works with organizations to analyze the structure, design, culture, capabilities, capacities either wholistically or within specific departments.  Our approach follows Sabot’s five-step analysis method to discover the as-is, analyze and discover gaps, develop initiatives/solutions, layout a roadmap to change, and implement the changes.

  2. The principles we use to identify the gaps are derived from the company’s strategic plans, industry standards, and overarching organizational optimization guidance such as Lean Six Sigma.

  3. The Sabot team works collaboratively with key stakeholders to develop and prioritize the initiatives and solutions laying them out in an organizational change roadmap.

  4. Lastly, we guide our clients through one or two iterations of the roadmap implementation thereby transitioning the organizational improvement program to a continuous improvement process allowing the organic maintenance of the resulting alignment and optimizations.

Enterprise Strategic Planning

  1. Sabot’s strategy consultants apply our analysis methodologies to the development of business strategic plans beginning with the refinement or development of a new business mission, vision, goals, and objectives in collaboration with the strategic stakeholders.  We then co-develop governance structures, processes, and decision-guiding principles that are to be exercised by our clients. The process ends with our consultants coaching the stakeholders and executives through the development of a business strategic plan utilizing the customized processes and tools.

  2. The Sabot Strategic Planning Analysis process can be applied to the organization as a whole or to individual departments.  Our team is especially adept at applying the approach to the strategic information systems planning process.

  3. As a synergistic process to the business and strategic information systems planning, Sabot also provides expertise in the development or realignment of enterprise architecture plans and roadmaps.

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