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Criminal Justice Compliance

Sabot Consulting, Inc. is a specialized management consulting business with specialization in Criminal Justice program strategy, optimization, and compliance consulting.  We also have expertise in project/program management and correctional information technology systems.  Sabot is dedicated to helping state, local, federal, and private organizations achieve organizational excellence, reduce risk, and maximize business value realization.

We specialize in the independent development of strategic solutions that address sensitive issues facing correctional administrators, executives, and leaders. We attack complex and emerging issues through inspection, analysis, road-mapping, training, oversight, and technical assistance.

Our Criminal Justice Experts average 20-plus years of Executive-level experience in Corrections, Auditing/Inspecting, Security, Program Management, policy and standards development, and all aspects of Community-Based programming and Institutional Detention.  Our teams are able to deploy and provide solutions within the US and internationally.

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Why Sabot – Criminal Justice

Service excellence in the public sector is a long-term commitment to customer-centricity, continuously optimizing business results, and maintaining compliance by engaging people and streamlining processes, systems, and structures. 

The benefits to our clients include:

  • A focused drive towards service excellence across the entire organization.

  • Application of Visual Performance Management (VPM) towards meaningful and simultaneous monitoring, evaluation, management, and improvement of service delivery at every level.

  • Simplifying and focusing on business value, aligning front-line effort to organizational strategy.

  • Organization-wide service delivery focus, actively supporting your principles and known standards while focusing on valuable contributions by front-line teams.

  • Ensure value for money by streamlining processes, resulting in better quality, faster, cheaper, and safer service delivery (capabilities). Organic compliance with statutory requirements and greater alignment with industry standards.

  • People practice creating an empowered culture rooted in skills development, lifelong learning, teamwork, and participation.

  • Benchmarking against best practice benchmarks to identify priorities and high-impact improvement areas.

  • Leaders and teams are equipped with tools and skills to implement best practices in the workplace.

Value of Criminal Justice Program Services

Sabot’s Criminal Justice Program methodologies are designed to ensure our clients will realize risk reduction, operational optimizations, and business value.

Key among our value producing methods are:

  • Accelerating executive decision-making with processes and policies that are tightly linked to goals, objectives, and value.

  • Incorporating a clear business agenda that is present throughout all of our work.

  • Providing status, progress, and demonstrated performance metrics that show results objectively.

  • Delivering projects, process optimizations, compliance remediation, organizational capability improvements with integrity and objectivity.

Who can Benefit from Sabot’s services?

  • Federal, Private, State, and local detention facilities of all types.

    • Executive leadership- Chiefs, Directors, Wardens, and Directors

    • Parole and alternatives to detention programs

    • Contract and program directors and managers


Other downstream value opportunities:

  • Bed space diversity

  • Project oversight and mentoring

  • Design-Build oversight and management

  • Accreditation preparation

  • Contract negotiation including Inter-Governmental Services Agreements

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