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Sue Hall


Sue Hall is an organizational development and change management professional offering 20+ years’ consulting experience in the manufacturing, financial services, private, public, and corporate social responsibility sectors. Sue delivers a systematic and holistic approach to project and change management that helps leaders and their teams to adopt change and leverage competitive advantage through robust people practices, goal alignment, stakeholder engagement, communications, training and development, process analysis, and process (lean) improvement.

“Early in my career, I experienced my first change management intervention. It was a clumsy affair. However, the intent was absolutely altruistic. The gold mine I was working on, particularly the general manager for whom I was working, wanted to change history – in particular, abhorrent legislation and to humanize the way of work in a country ruled by apartheid. Our purpose was compelling. However, our interventions were met with suspicion and resistance and we made many mistakes along the way. We succeeded in the end, but the effort needed to get there was enormous. Since those pioneering days of change, I have had the privilege of working in many industries, with diverse, multi-cultural teams, simultaneously leading portfolios, projects, and change across a broad spectrum of projects. Over time I have developed practical organizational development and change management strategies and methodologies that deliver desired results. I believe the key ingredients to effective change is to create purpose and achieve goal alignment, and to help leaders and their teams to leverage their competitive edge through engagement, education, and authentic empowerment.”

Sue is a graduate of the Public Relations Institute of South Africa and Damelin Business School with qualifications in public affairs, communications, and business management.

PMI - Project Management Professional (PMP)
MIT Emeritus - Leading Organizations and Change
PMI - Risk Management
University of South Africa (UNISA) - Human Resource Management

Sue Hall
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